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What others are saying:

Today confirmed to me to turn back to God as the source of all my needs. To also leave behind and press forward towards those things ahead of me. All is well and His Word will not return to Him void.

Gary Reynolds

The School of the Prophets session today has lifted me by the Spirit to a more intimate relationship with the Lord. I've learned many things about the authority that comes from God. I've learned how to press into Him further. "Father, what do you want me to day?" This is a powerful prayer John 5:19.

Clemmie Scott

I was blessed by the Word that was given today.I received confirmation of things the Lord has been sharing with me. I received a refreshing of the Holy Spirit. I walked out encouraged and strengthened by the love of God and the Holy Spirit. He was present!


I learned through the School of the Prophets that I am a warrior, who should hold her head high because of Jesus and His saving grace. I am equipped to be and do all that I need to love others and share the Gospel of Christ without fear.

Emily Harmon

This event has opened my eyes to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and what can be done through believers who are open to use them. The accuracy of the ministry was astounding.


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