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CFC 2nd Birthday!

​Christian Family Church of Chattanooga is 2 years old! See some of the activities from the Birthday Party!

Sanctuary Move

​Congratulations to the latest group and their baptism into the Kingdom of God!

* Karen Campbell

* Reed Laney

* Dava Streeter

* James Streeter

* Wendell Terrell


W​e have begun the move to the 6000 square foot facility.

See the progress in the following pictures.

Vacation Bible School

SKY, our Vacation Bible School was awesome see some pics about the fun and learning that took place. 

Prayer, Burgers, Hot dogs, Balloons and fireworks! Oh, and the prayer, what a blessing. Pics of our day show the great time we had.

July 4th 2012

Baby Shower for Sentry Fralix

Christian Family Church came together for lunch and a shower for Sentry. All the Pastors prayed for the little Guy about to come into the world.

Rummage Sale July 21, 20

A successful outreach, more than 200 people and we raised the money necessary for the new wall in the church!

Birthday Party of Karalee and Siege.

CFC started a new building project. Building a 42 foot long wall separating the commons and auditorium.

New Building project

Live trees and lights everywhere!

Christmas 2012

December 19th, 2012

Church wide prayer meeting

Officer Chip WIllett

Officer Willett came to CFC to teach adults and Children about child safety. Thank you Sir for a great time.

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